What will you be…?

All Saints Infants School and the local community, London

100 x 300cm
glazed recycled ceramic, unglazed ceramic, glass tesserae, smalti, gold leaf, mirror

What will you be...? - -2

‘Pupils from All Saints Infants took part in an art project to produce a mosaic depicting the jobs they would like to do when they leave school. The final design included fire fighters, gardeners and astronauts.
Assisting the students with their project was local artist and parent Sophie Standford, who raised funds for the project though Croydon Voluntary Action Neighbourhood Renewal Community Chest.
Members of the Crystal Palace community – including a hairdresser, musician, jewellery designer, instrument maker, graphic designer, nurse, local fire fighters – attended the school to talk about their careers.
All Saints Headteacher Ms Skidmore said: “This has been a fantastic project. It has strengthened the school’s relationship with the local community and the children have found it wonderfully inspiring.” Croydon Guardian