The following short documentaries used sound, photography & video recorded by Sophie Standford & Torrin Williams with video production by Sophie Standford. The documentaries can be found on Sophie Standford’s Vimeo and Youtube channels.

Fritiof Runhall is one of Sweden’s best spoon carvers though not as well known as he should be.

Fritiof Runhall demonstrates how he carves a wooden spoon in one hour at Spoonfest 2013.

Martin has been a dance band drummer, a grave digger and a trainee monk, but for the last 12 years he has been a full-time maker of baskets and spoons as well as teaching crafts part-time in a Christian Community for Adults with Learning Difficulties. At Spoonfest 2013, Martin delivered a short talk on ‘The Hermit Spoon Maker; St Peter Damian and the Contemplative Tradition of Making’ and teach sessions on carving caddy spoons and scoops. He also built a wonderful clay oven on site for bread and pizza.