Dancing at the Edges

At the heart of hospice philosophy is the belief that everyone is entitled to a pain free and dignified death. Creative movement and dance offers expression in ways that words cannot, allowing individuals with life limiting or terminal illnesses to find dignity and a way of exploring their individuality. St Christopher’s patients have collaborated with SLiDE Dance to explore and celebrate this movement potential. With the SLiDE Dance artists Anita Wadsworth and Louise Klarnett, the patients were also co-creators of a new solo which will be performed as a lasting ‘document’ of the project. Patients and professionals will also discuss the project and its impact on them and share some of the movement material created during the project.

The project has been captured on film by documentary film artist Sophie Standford. The film brought together a range of material from workshops and rehearsals, poems written by participants at the hospice and soundscapes created from the venue and location, concluding with the final performance.